All quiet on the Northern front….

After my disastrous last blog which took me an hour to write and then WordPress deemed to publish only the last 4 lines I couldn’t attempt to write it again so have been in self exile while I have built myself up to write again….

Since the last blog I have been on two little jaunts – the first being to Inverness, I was originally there to support my friend Aileen who was taking on the beautiful but cruel Loch Ness Marathon but somehow got roped into doing the Park run (5k) on the Saturday and the Riverness 5k on the Sunday with her partner Dave.

riverness 1

Even I didn’t realise how much walking I was going to do in-between (or how much eating – I gained 4lbs) but it was a  brilliant experience. I met a great group of new friends and one mate Sharon who I have been chatting to years but never met was at the same Chinese meal, neither knew each other had been invited! Small world – it was just like long lost families on telly.

Aileen, Julie and Rhona all came in together strong despite the horrible weather that day, couldn’t believe there had been blue sky the day before and before I knew it the long trip of 6 hours back to Yorkshire was on the cards but not before us all saying that we will meet up again next year – accommodation already booked just deciding on the race now.inverness


A week or so back at work to earn some pennies then it was out to the Midi-Pyrenees in France to see my mate Lizzie for some London Marathon Training and brainstorming in regards fundraising for Children with Cancer UK. I had already come up with some things but wine always helps release more ideas.

Well the 4 days we had one training run of 4 miles by the beautiful lake and woods Lizzie gets to train around but more eating, drinking, talking and some sightseeing was done so no day was wasted.

Another trip is on the cards in February when the weather will I am sure be cooler than the 23-27C that it was while I was there and more running will be on the cards. Loved it with Lizzie and her family – especially Bobby dog who stopped me missing mine so much.

lake 1

Christmas is coming up so I want to make the most of this for our fundraising to be creative to make and sell things – since I am not very talented in this respect I am hoping that I can rope some helpers – need people who can knit or crochet locally – I will supply the wool and patterns to make stocking fillers – key rings, teddies, dogs, that I can then sell – if people would donate the wool then that would be even better.

Preparation for the ball now must take priority and getting enough people to attend – if you can’t please print off the flyer below and send it round your work place or running club. Maybe this charity means something to them that they wish to support.

Molly poster

On the night of the ball and leading up to marathon we will be having Guess the time I finish , this is instead of a normal raffle or auction on the night. Tickets will be £5 and prizes are

1st £260.20 = marathon

2nd £13.10 = half

3rd £10 =10k

4th £5 = 5k

5th booby prize who comes nowhere near

Keep up with my training and fundraising – if anyone wants ball tickets (click on poster link for menu and date details) contact me on same if you want to help with the knitting/crocheting

Sorry for such a long winded one this time – next time short and sweet.

BTW – out running today, back at Slimming World tomorrow got to lose the holiday pounds!!!



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