Shutting the stable door……

After the horse has bolted……

Well that’s how it felt like this week. I was told off big style last year by my doctor for not having a flu jab, as he said after chemo and radiotherapy my immune system is now shot, add to that diabetes and epilepsy its a wonder I am still here when I get a cold!

So this year I booked in to get my FREE flu jab at work on WEDNESDAY and came down with one on TUESDAY which left me bedbound for 2 whole days. Running was the furthest thing from my mind – sleep, bed and regular amounts of Lemsip were.

sickToday (Sunday I am feeling much better) even though I have passed it on to my Mum – sorry Mum! – normal life resumes, work, dog walks and tomorrow will be going back to the gym – after about 6 weeks!


December 4th Christmas Fayre @ Canteen 10am -2pm

Stocking fillers, Christmas decorations, mince pies….

Any donations of handmade gifts welcome

December 10th Car Boot Sale – Clitheroe  back by popular demand – with partner in crime Liesl!

We are collecting locally if you have anything you wish to get rid of before them



Last Year at the my last Charity Event we had a DIY photo booth which went down great on the night but I have decided that if we can get more people invited this year that I will order a professional photo booth – have emailed the company for dates as I already have prices. If you can’t come to the event share with friends – 100 places only and would like to fill them all this year.

Home Page

Molly poster

click on poster to see Menu and all details of Event tickets £35 each

When I raise money for a charity I try to do it for someone that means something to me, that way I can be passionate and also know that when the running and training gets hard (which I know it will) that I am doing it for something worthwhile.

We are 4 ladies Anjie, Lizzie, Denise and moi who are running for Lucy and Children With Cancer UK. Lucy is a brilliant little girl who has had so many operations since she was a baby and still comes out of it smiling. There are so many children like Lucy that are suffering  with cancer – let us put a stop to it. Donate or help us fundraise in any way.









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