Running…..and those 26.2 miles

rh9_funny_marathon_quoteFor some people running is easy – that word is never going to be in my vocabulary. In my head I am a tall slim woman with a blonde pony tail (OK we can dream can’t we!) bouncing along the road with such ease – the reality is somewhat different.

Each mile of those 26.2 miles won’t be easy – I know – I have done them before – but if things were supposed to be easy then it wouldn’t be a challenge and people wouldn’t feel the need to donate to see me suffer!

So as you can guess I love the IDEA of running. I have made some great friends through it and have had some great experiences but after years and years of trying I am still trying to feel that runners high that has been mentioned in magazines and in runners chat rooms.

It has been so elusive and for the last few weeks since coming back from France has been non existent. Mind you I have had a bad cold which saw me drop 5lbs in weight last week and running is the last thing I have felt like doing.

I did manage the gym twice though but all those sweaty bodies didn’t make it a pleasurable experience and I didn’t get much mileage on the treadmill although I did go on the static bike. With the lighter mornings as the clocks went back means that its not such a hardship to get up and take the dogs out.

clock I don’t mind dark nights for running as no-one can see my wobbly body and a good head torch means I don’t fall over (or step in anything messy) Unlike a lot of people I like it a bit crisp preferring it to the warm weather.

So the only thing to do is lace up the Asics and get out – (well I have this morning but that was with the dogs and hardly a run).


Yesterday started some crafting for the Christmas Fayre and made a Button Christmas tree –  well it was my first and I might keep it for myself – started on the second one – all in red!

christmas tree

Charity Event tickets £35 February 10th

Molly poster

(all details of event and meal click on poster)

Please if you can’t come to the charity event please SHARE is a good night and the Chicken supreme isn’t what you got at school or in a tin – beautiful piece of chicken and the Veggie option is also great.


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