The reason behind the running….


Running for pleasure has never entered my mind – I have only ever done it with a purpose and that is usually to raise money for charity. Over the years I have raised lots of money for various ones but they have all been very close to me.

This year is no different. Having treatment for cancer is not pleasant for anyone, I know that first hand, what I can’t imagine is how babies and young children who have no concept of what these people in white coats (do they still have them nowadays) are trying to do to make them better.

Lucy was diagnosed with a pituitary blastoma when she was 7 months old she spent 7 months in hospital having surgery with most of the tumour being taken and further surgery a few months later. Lots of treatment followed.

She was nearly 5 years old when I was having my chemo and she would send me selfies and I would get updates of her treatment as we were both having to deal with doctors and nurses again. lucy 23

Throughout this Lucy smiled – and smiled. So when I got chance to run the London Marathon for Lucy and children just like her I jumped at the chance.

This week training and crafting for the Christmas fayre started in equal measures – I think I was more successful with the crafting after my 3 miles on Sunday saw me coughing up gungy stuff (think my chest cold has still not gone)

This week I have to get 3 runs in BUT have an extra day off this week so I am going to use this as an opportunity to kick start everything. Last week was very stressful with poorly dog, busy at work and not enough me time – dog sorted for now will see if I can manage the rest!

For now that’s it!

Ball tickets on Sale at £35 February 10th 2018

Molly poster



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