Consistency…..and the lack of it

As I have told you in previous blogs running for me is hard – very hard. So to be consistent with it is also hard, I have tried to keep motivated, music, Garmin watches with beeps that tell me when to run but nothing usually works.

So I have got a secret weapon now in Skye next doors neighbours collie – this week I have been out 3 times and even though I still find it difficult I love going out with her. Made a big mistake on Saturday by taking her by the canal (she was a dream in the car) the mud though was to be believed and I couldn’t keep upright – so I ended up walking.

run1.jpg But three training runs in the bag 2 of 3 miles and one just short of 4 miles plus all the other dog walking I have done with my two means that I have had time on feet if nothing else. Tomorrow it starts all over again!

Today has been a day of crafting and boy have I been busy with buttons, felt and the glue gun – burnt my fingers more than once. Today I can see something for all the hard work, coming together nicely.

I have great friends who are so talented and have sent me some great things to sell – doing things that I can’t do – knitting and my sister Erika is the crafting queen so I can’t wait to see the things she comes up with.

On Friday I met with Chris the manager at Herriots Hotel to discuss the Charity – just like meeting an old friend we had a great laugh. He noticed that this time I wasn’t as stressed – this time I am determined to enjoy it as much as everyone else did. DJ is booked and I even managed to have steak and ale pie while I was there.

All You Need I Love Charity Event February 10th 2018 tickets £35

Molly poster


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