Another Christmas over……

And now the fun begins!

Haven’t blogged for a while, things haven’t been conducive to marathon training with medical appointments for both me and my brother and news that he has a growth in his pituitary gland which could mean an operation at worst medication at best.

So while I have still been taking the wonderful Skye out 3 times a week its been for walks rather than runs – although last week we did get one run in – and then hopefully I can krank it up when my biospy results come in and I am feeling 100%

Not running or focusing on my diet has lead to a bit of spread, not being abl to get to get to my regular Slimming World class hasn’t helped but being heavy won’t help my marathon training one bit.

diet So the last of the cake, crisps and Baileys and gin will be no more and I have already made a batch of vegetable soup for lunch tomorrow. Think this is going to be hard – well not easy anyway.

Not as if I have any more time off work, two days maximum and then back until we get New Day off – the joy of working in Sales.

The only thing to update you on is fundraising £130.20 for the car boot and £189.60 plus another £29 for pre orders of hot chocolate reindeers which were made. Had to stop the tuck shop at work as even though it was for charity and done on an honesty system the money was never quite correct. But when it was £3 down one week (bearing in mind I paid out for eveerything so all profit could go to CWC) I decided this was not the moneymaker for me.

So the next one is the Ball – less than TWO months and luckily we have still people interested but need to get more bums on seats – don’t want to have to cancel either. So spread the word guys February 10th PARTY TIME!


Keep your dresses out ready OR excuse to buy a new one – guys you can buy a new tie! Have decided after EVERYONE has been asking to do proper raffle (but not a big one) so hopfully the people that donated prizes last time will give generously again.

For tickets email me on text 07443229215 or PM me on Facebook

Molly poster

details of Ball above



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