Rewind please….

positive We are only a week into 2018 and things are not looking so hot. Just before New Year I got the good news that my biopsy results came back clear and other than a few more tests I was looking forward to the start of the year.

But 3 days in which saw me back at Slimming World and also doing a short run then saw Milo one of my Lhasa Apso’s rushed to the emergency vet suffering with renal failure. He was such a poorly boy, x-rays, a specialist came in and he was hooked up to a drip as he wasn’t eating or drinking.

Of course everything went by the wayside – diet and running and all that mattered was the health of my boy and also Casey who was now pining with no brother beside him. By Saturday of last week the vet called and said that he could come home on weekend leave as he was depressed and by yesterday we thought we had turned a corner.

Today I had a 6 mile run planned – I desperatley need to get everthing sorted for the Charity Event which is now so close and Milo had a check up at the vets. But what I wasn’t counting on was Casey waking me up at 4am and finding Milo coming out of a bad fit.

Once he was a bit more settled I brought the duvet downstairs and had a few hours – but all the things I wanted to do have been put back. Soooooo tierd and another 6 days to work this week. Hoping I might get a trip to the gym in this afternoon.

Back with to the hospital on the 22nd with Andrew and find out if he needs an op – really hoping January is the only bad month and that it gets better from there.

FEBRUARY – needs to be better as on the 10th the party starts. Please get in touch if you want tickets I can take payment up to 20th January. Please lets make it a great night.

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