Just one of those weeks……

When nothing seeems to go right.

And you need the rewind button.

Preferably to 2017.

So where do I start – because all of them seemed major and caused me so much worry but the first one is the person I care about more than anyone and thats my Mum. She picked up my flu bug and I have never seen her so poorly. At 81 she doesn’t bounce back like a younger person and I could see her wasting her way before my eyes.

Stubborn person that she is she won’t see anyone hoping that it would just go away but the she is still a poorly lady and a major worry.

The Charity Event on February 10th was always a cause for concern with numbers dwindling  and quite a number of cancellations all at once – unavoidable but didn’t help when it seemed my minimum amount wasn’t going to be reached.



BUT I pulled out all the stops, had Tesco’s promoting it as well as Slimming World,  emails at work and had even got a spot on the local radio station – I was positive that I would do everything in my power for it to go ahead.

Then the Radio Station pulled out asking could I do an alternative date which I couldn’t and I knew it was now too late to get anymore people and I made the decision to cancel the event.  While the charity will not lose out as any costs I will forfit personally I have offered everyone refunds.

Some of my friends who were coming from afar are still going to make a weekend of it and I am going to stay at the hotel and do the Park run with Elaine Chandler. Then I think cake and Rhubarb gin will be the order of the day.

The raffle which was going to be drawn on the night is still going to be held and I am going to be selling tickets next week – half the money goes to charity and half goes to the person who wins and we have also some boxes of chocolates and some wine which have been donated. Tickets £2 a strip.

Even though I have had a bad week I still did my training runs and while its been hard to keep motivated I went to the gym a couple of times and then outdoors once with Skye – she loves it a whole lot more than me.

Today the weather was horrible so windy, wet and cold, I took the dogs out first then set out for my planned 6 miler – 2 mile in a motorist splashed me from head to foot, boy did I want to turn round – running was hard when at times it was only possible to put your head down and power walk. HEART radio got me through and by the time I got home my Garmin showed I was just short of 6 but walking up and down the driveway I couldn’t get to it – needed painkillers!

HeartLogoBut I made up for it later with another dog walk making around 9 miles in total – its all about time on feet and I feel I have done that.

Next week I have more of the same 4 training runs – I am hoping that I keep up with the losses I have been having with Slimming World, last week I lost 6lbs, week previous 1.5lbs the less I weigh the easier it will be on my knees and back.

Had been contenplating whether not to run London with everything going on but I reckon I am not a quitter and even if its hard it can’t be as hard as what I went through in 2015/16.

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