The joys of running…

After last week with all the ups and downs of having to cancel the Charity event and giving refunds (some kind friends donated their money to the charity) I could have just given up on training BUT unlike the normal me I stuck to my plan.

I did one run with the beautiful Skyke – I can’t do more at the moment as she causes my foot to swell to much as I bang it trying to keep myself from falling over, I did another on my own but it was very very icy and this time I ended up with a painful foot again – I was more like Bambi on ice than anything elegant.

run1 So Saturday I rested it and Sunday took to the treadmill and opted for 8.5 miles of boredom rather than stress my foot any further. Three miles in though I wasn’t expecting such an early case of chafing – wrong underwear or a very warm gym? Either way I had 5.5 miles to go and it wasn’t going to be comfortable?

I had Christine Aguilara on my phone belting out some tunes and kept counting down the half miles – UNTIL the bloody machine STOPPED with 1.5 miles to go. I didn’t want to start again, my legs didn’t want to start again – but I did but it was the longest time ever.

Finishing was a relief but to get my longest run to date finished was a joy. This week my plan shows me pull back this week but try to get a little speedier (fat chance)

Even though I haven’t got the event on the Raffle is still being drawn on Saturday HALF the money to the winner HALF to the charity, already in the pot £220. If anyone wants to buy tickets they are £2 a strip. Please PM me for bank details.


This weekend is going to be a little quieter – no event but I am going to do Park run in Skipton with Elaine Chandler and then give her a guided tour of Yorkshire – training of course still goes on.


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