Its all getting so real…..

london marathonWith just 9 weeks to go before Virgin London Marathon 2018 begins on April 22nd I have been upping the training.  Although trying to resemble Jane Torville when walking the dogs and falling on ice didn’t help things mid-week.

Still I managed to get the miles on the cross-trainer which didn’t put pressure on my knee, some treadmill work and also the static bike.  I don’t think I will be the fastest but according to my ASICS plan on my long run today I am on plan with my time.

Wish I could plan my long runs where there are no hills or windy country lanes – nearly was totalled by a couple of 4×4’s coming too fast round bends. Think I will have to find an alternative route.

It could have all been so different as 1.5 mile in I could hardly walk with pain in my right calf – phoned my wonderful Mum who brought replacement trainers (with orthotics) and off I hobbled. Three or so miles in and everything stopped hurting but I wasn’t going at such a fast pace – I can actually walk faster than I

While it was cold today it was dry and I tried to enjoy the time I was out but what I don’t know is how come when I turn round at 4 miles its only 3 miles back? Where do I miss a mile? Meant I had to do a detour to make up the mileage on my Garmin?

But long run is over for this week and next week it drops for my body (and feet) to recover – still a long run but only a  6.5 mile.

March 4th sees me in Tesco’s Skipton for my next fundraiser so anyone passing drop in – can’t get a treadmill so going to be isle walking with a bucket in my Children with Cancer UK vest asking for donations – 4 hours of that I should get some mileage in.

Anyone wanting to sponsor me can do so by going on to

To be honest I was slightly mad when I agreed to do this again but I am hoping that with the support of Anjie and Denise I will make it round in a much more respectable time and not injured this time. At the back of my mind is always Lucy and children like her. Thank you for all that have donated so far.




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