What’s with all this exercise?

I don’t think I have ever done this much EVER!

How-to-Exercise (1)  The body is a little bit in shock, it doesn’t know when its going to end and I haven’t yet received those endorphin’s that give you that “runners high”

This week I booked off as holiday – originally to go to France – but change of plans meant this week is a mega training week. Sunday saw me go to Morecambe (on the coast) and do my long run there.

I have been having a confidence issue – wondering whether I could do the training and on the day the mileage – everyone I know seems to be running longer and faster and while I am sticking to plan I hurt with every step.

So I sat in the car park after an hours drive to get there just wanting to go home, why put my body through this on such a lovely day. Look at all the proper runners and here am I am fake. But you know what maybe I am slow and I don’t look as graceful as the two ladies I saw with their blonde ponytails bobbing while they actually talked to each other – but they haven’t been through what I have and I am not the person I was 2 years ago. I have to stop beating myself up. So 6.65 miles were completed and 2 dog runs as well.

Today I went swimming in our local pool – the one they want to close and the community do its best to keep open. It cost me £1.40 as I did a half price hour (stayed for half) and had a whole lane to myself.  Decided to go back again later in the week.


And tonight I had a go at Pilates (again) – its been so long since I was taught by the wonderful Harriet Angell in Marlow at a running and Pilates weekend and made such special and long lasting friends. Unfortunately I never kept it up even knowing that it helps my core, flexibility (of which I have none)

So tonight I signed up with Mandy at Pulse Personal Training & Fitness Studio in Settle. OMG how creaky and achy did I feel – I know there is a core in there somewhere but where? And when Mandy came to give my legs an extra stretch – oooooooo I could definitely feel it.

pilatesSo this week is more of the same, I have a long run on Friday of 11 miles as Sunday is Charity fundraising day at Tesco.  Hoping that the Beast from the East – the storm which is forecast from tonight to dump a lot of snow doesn’t disrupt a lot of my plans.


Anyone that wants to donate or grab one of the 6 Memory Mile Ribbons that are left NUMBERS 2,3,8,9,12 AND 16 our page is







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