*****Started this one on Sunday….now it’s Friday*****

pain2 The only time I don’t have pain is when I sleep – maybe that’s why I like to stay in bed……

My Mum has asked me on more than one occasion why I am taking part in the London Marathon and today on my long run I asked myself the same question.

Today I had an 11 mile run which I was breaking down into 1 mile loops of the house – I know this because I have recorded it with the dogs on their numerous walks. Its relatively flat, on the path and I only have to cross a couple of roads.

My feet weren’t feeling the love and neither was I the second lap in and even though the sun was shining I sat on a bench and shed a few tears – wondered how they were going to manage another 24 in 6 weeks time never mind the 9 miles I had to pull out of the bag today.

But some great encouragement from my CWC friends on Facebook meant I got up off the seat and started plodding on.


UNTIL I got to the 6th lap and I crossed the road near our house and a car pipped, I turned round to see my two naughty Lhasa Apso dogs chasing after me – they had been with Mum in the garden but wanted to be with me more!

By the time I got them back in the house (and sat down) I decided to give up  – then thought I would just go and give it another couple of miles which I did. Just over 8 miles although I reckon more as the Garmin said 1 mile for the first last but less for the second and even less for the 3rd which I reckon is something to do with the auto pause. At the end of the day I checked my mileage and it was around 10 miles so was happy with that.

******Now its Friday***** its been a whirlwind of work, dog walking, Pilates and trying to keep the mileage going in my legs whether walking or running.  A weather warning for snow has been given again so I have signed up for the gym behind my house to use the treadmill – this week 13 miles  – now if I have to do it in stages on the treadmill I will.

I am feeling more positive about the Marathon this time – having friends to share it with is such a fantastic thing and so far not being injured (only hurting) – just need to keep it that way unlike last time. So in the next 5 weeks not going to go overboard.

5 weeks

Next week is 15 miles and APRIL 1st will be my longest run with 18 and its tapering from then – short runs and plenty of carbs!

Then I can get my life back before the training starts again for the Great North Run in September…..

Thank you for all that those that have donated so far and for those that want to know


We are pleased to report our income for the past financial year was £16.5 million. We receive no government funding and rely exclusively on the voluntary generosity of our supporters. Thank you for your support.

For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we raise over £5 more.

For every £1 donated, we spend 82p on fighting childhood cancer.

  •  47p on research projects
  •  14p on welfare projects
  •  21p on raising awareness
  •  We invest 18p in £1 to raise more money

A couple of weeks ago our CWC Team for London 2018 had raised 1/2 million pounds with money still coming in. I am so proud to be part of such a great team doing such fantastic work.



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