The Countdown is on….

Is it normal to cry at anything – not just the  pain? With only 3 weeks – yes – 3 WEEKS! I keep-calm-three-weeks-to-go-2  am feeling very anxious. Worried that my foot won’t be healed enough to complete the 26.2 miles, that other people I know are doing better and going further and more importantly that I will let the people who have supported me down.

But I still put in the hours in the gym – training on the bike and cross trainer when the treadmill is too much. Can’t say I want to brave the weather either but I get in some more leg miles with the boys – not that they are speedy ones – Milo I have to drag round especially when its raining!

But at the end of the day it will be what I do on the day that matters – I will have a great team behind me Children with Cancer and Anjie, Denise and Julie who hopefully will steady those nerves.

Don’t forget if you are near the Tesco store in Skipton on Monday 9th April (next week) I will be collecting money in full running kit. If I can find someone to lend me a static bike which I can get in my little C1 then I will use that to do my training and raise money.

tesco    That has got to be worth a few extra pounds!!

For the next 3 weeks I have to keep on plodding on – not do too much just in case I get injured and keep away from anyone that has any bugs or lurgies – last thing I need at this stage is a cold!

If anyone wants to give any pennies go to

If you want to know why I wanted to be part of such of fantastic team look at this video for London Marathon 2017


thank you to all that have supported me in my journey

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