Tick tock tick tock….

owl Those nights when nothing is going to let you sleep -you toss and turn, see every hour and in the end get up make a cup of tea and do something productive.

Just over a week until the marathon has my head whiring about EVERYTHING! Not just can I do it because I know at the end of the day even if its painful which I am sure it will be I am mentally capable of doing it.

I am now worrying about going into the BIG CITY – I have travelled the world and lived in different parts when I was younger with no problem but now older I tend to limit myself to the places I know and even a trip to Leeds fills me with dread knowing that I will get lost even in a shopping centre!

I no longer see it as a big adventure but as things that can go wrong and the logistics of getting from A to B in a crowded and unfamiliar place has already started pulses racing. Needless to say I am taking extra money for Black Cabs! Doesn’t help that there is going to be a 4 day strike on the DLR line which will cause chaos to anyone coming to the marathon.

So tonight – or rather this morning is a night of lists – what to take with me and what to leave out – the new leggings I bought from Tikaboo with the CWC Mr Men logo are ones I will be leaving at home after 5 uncomfortable hours in them on Monday – back to my old faithfuls.

After a winter of snow, ice and rain it looks like we are on for a heatwave for the 22nd so the sunscreen will have to be in and also sunglasses – can’t say that I am happy as the hot weather plays havoc with my arm and the swelling and I will be like an overstuffed sausage in my arm sleeve that I have to wear – sexy or what!

Did yet another fundraiser on Monday thanks to Dean Majors Community Champion at Tesco’s in Skipton and raised another £122 to put in the pot and with the sweet stall money could transfer £210 altogether into the Virginmoneygiving page.


Once again I would like to thank everyone that has supported me, this charity is one of the best I have raised money for, keeping us up to date on a weekly basis, asking how training is going and how WE are feeling and not bullying us about how much we have raised like some other charities. This makes you want to do more – and I will.

If you don’t know the reason for me running its a little girl called Lucy who was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour at 6 months old, she has endured many operations and procedures and when I was having my treatment in 2015/16 I would get the most amazing selfies from Lucy to wish me luck for my treatment. It seemed that we were going into battle together and she got me through with her beautiful smile. Now nearly 7 it is still an on-going round of check-ups but Lucy is still smiling.

lucy 23

For Lucy and all children like her please support Children with Cancer UK




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