Journey Nr2

I have come a long way in 5 years – being diagnosed with breast cancer was just the start of a journey which had many ups and downs.

I started 2020 with a great outlook. A new decade, a new job a shiny new future. Little did anyone realise what was to come and how that would affect all our lives.

My job role changed when the reality of selling holidays abroad when planes were stuck on the ground and flying was not an option. The uncertainty as to whether I would be kept on still hangs over me even now with the relaxation of travel.

Mum having a serious accident which could see her being treated for many months was also something we didn’t foresee. But Mum being Mum she soldiers on.

Now my journey begins again with the diagnosis of secondary cancer in my hip. Only found when I was sent for scans for other things- a blessing in disguise.

Waiting is the one thing I don’t like, not knowing when my treatment begins but it’s not as scary as before, I know the team what I could face and the side effects of all of them (as I had many)

I remain positive and so decided to start writing things down again as it really helped the first time.

I also wanted to start a bucket list and if anyone can help me achieve these you would make a very happy 😃 Molly but only if you don’t have to fork out any cash. So here goes.

  • Go visit Sally in Oz (was going to next year)
  • Write a book
  • Try on wedding dresses (engaged twice so never got this far)
  • Get a garden makeover by Alan Titchmarsh – any contacts?
  • Have a party in Benidorm with all my girlfriends
  • Take mum back to Bibury in the Cotswolds
  • Ride a horse again (might not be possible now with hip)
  • Sing karaoke in Blackpool
  • Be on a television show- don’t care which one
  • Be a zoo keeper for the day

well that’s enough for now as I can add and remove from the list when I have done it.

I will try to keep everyone updated and if anyone fancies joining me in the silliness of my bucket list please come and hold my hand x




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