Results but no more news

It’s the waiting that gets to you. Having tests then waiting weeks to know where you stand, if its good news or bad news, if the treatment stays the same.

Had my PET scan and was given the news that I would be taking the tablet Letrozole every day and then starting later with Palbociclib a tablet for 3 weeks and then 1 week off. This Friday I was due to go to the hospital to sign my consent forms for treatment to start and Letrozole had already been given to start with. More scans in the way of an MRI scan on my hip next Monday was also scheduled.

But yesterday an oncologist telephone call put some of that on hold as the PET scan results have shown no spread of cancer other than in the hip so they are unsure if it is now a primary cancer (relief) or a mets from the breast cancer (sigh)

So they are waiting for Birmingham Hospital to get back to them and see whether a biopsy or more over a hip replacement to remove the cancer will show this. Theu can’t give me the Palbociclib as this will lower my white blood cells and wouldn’t be able to operate.  So now waiting….

This morning another phone call another scan tomorrow again on my hip….my hip will be famous after all this with all the photos it is having!

Holidays and going away has been put on hold as I don’t know what treatment I will be having, if I will be able to walk but I am hoping that by December I will still be able to go to Switzerland with my Mum. I suppose in the grand scheme of things a holiday is not the most important thing but its always lovely to have something to look forward to.

One thing I have always been grateful for his my wonderful friends and how generous they are with their time as well as always making sure I am OK even if I don’t see them often. When I started my blog in those early hours of the morning and posted my bucket list I never expected anyone to help me realise those dreams but a few friends have done just that.

Yesterday I got a message from Lorraine to say that she had been in contact with South Lakes Zoo and while they are not doing the Experiences due to Covid that they will give me free entry to the Zoo and if I tell them the day then they will organise me to meet a keeper and feed the penguins and giraffes. I am beyond excited and although I can’t make a date yet I cannot thank Lorraine enough or Jo at South Lakes.


UPDATE Another phone call from Hospital and date for consent 23rd August

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