You know those buses….

You are waiting and waiting and then they seem to come at once – usually in 3’s, well that’s how its been with my hospital appointments after stressing that I had been forgotten the letters have been dropping and the telephone ringing constantly.

When 3 hospitals are involved with tests and the major one is a four hour drive away then its been a case of waiting – and not only is it frustrating but worrying. So last week I was able to speak to one of my Breast care nurses Denise who advised that a meeting was in place for Thursday and I would be told that day of the outcome.

Wednesday I had an appointment for a biopsy under a mammogram to make sure the calcification they found is negative along with the other biopsy results and then they could rule out breast cancer – this is the 20% chance +/- Any woman who has experienced a mammogram know they are not pleasant BUT they are a necessity, now I was having a needle gun taking samples of the calcification while my ample bosom was squashed within an inch of its life!

Another phone call on the Monday from the hospital informed me that the machine was broken and that it wouldn’t be mended by Wednesday but Friday was a go – more waiting but this one was OK as I knew that even if the result was positive treatment would be on hold until after Birmingham and my hip.

Then Thursday came and the call that I thought was from Airedale was from Birmingham Royal Orthopaedic Hospital to say that an appointment had been made for September 9th for a hip biopsy – I will be in overnight and results would be two weeks later. I could have cried but this time with joy!

Now for the tougher part – isolation until the op and a COVID test which I had to organise BEFORE going down there and how to get down there when I am not allowed to drive BACK and not allowed to take PUBLIC TRANSPORT. But where there’s a will there’s a way-I have a great brother-in-law Stephen who will take me there, the BC nurses sorted me out a test and as I now have a direct line to Birmingham they are going to give me some extra info regarding discharge so I can organise my return.

Yesterday had my breast biopsy and have already another appointment in week for the results so you see the buses just keep coming!

So my holiday for this week and next wasn’t the expected time off I dreamed about at the start of the year, first it was Lake Como in Italy – until Shearings went into liquidation, then I rebooked to go to Lanzarote but decided to cancel as didn’t know if company were going to keep me on after my probation – travel industry was in such a mess at that time – then decided to go an see some friends in Hartlepool and Scotland instead but that had to be put on hold too. Managed to get a voucher for a flight to Switzerland Mum and I had booked for December as this looks doubtful too and will just get a last minute depending on treatment. Looking forward to 2021!

Back to my bucket list – last night I watched a travel programme 48 hours in Vienna and I want to go on a hotrod sightseeing tour. Luckily my friend Karen has said she will come with me – there is also a sausage tour!

Its been a lazy few days and I have been catching up on recommendations of films and programmes but one which I made me want to get out running again (even though I can’t) was The Terry Fox Story In the 80’s and at 18 he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) and had his leg amputated. This did not stop him wanting to run across Canada to raise money for Research and he nearly did it had the cancer not returned.

This was a truly inspiring film and when a FB running friend posted that she still have some spaces left for a virtual 5k/10k race I knew that I had to do it – even if it was just walking. Garmin now charged and because I am hurting today it will be done tomorrow. Love donkeys!

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