When sometimes there are no words!

Not often I don’t have a lot to say but for the last couple of weeks I haven’t really.

Treatment started back at a lower dose and no major side effects jumped out, this i was eternally grateful for.

Lockdown came into effect on November 5th and we were placed into confusion again. My appointment at Birmingham Orthopaedic Hospital where I was to stay overnight in a premier inn was to be changed, X-ray quickly done at Airedale hospital and telephone appointment this Tuesday.

A surprise call on Thursday from the oncologist/radiologist at St James hospital Leeds threw another spanner in the works when she mentioned that I was a candidate for Gamma knife radiotherapy or if an op was now offered by Birmingham standard radiotherapy. To have any of these I would be coming off my tablets- just after I had started with no issues!

Still I will know next week the treatment plan – no more waiting….

Friends have come up trumps again and my friend Gillian Cannon made me a mini Milo from his jacket that he hated wearing despite the weather – he sits with me on my work desk keeping an eye on me making sure I don’t work too hard….

No photos this blog, computer is having health issues so doing this on my phone!

Next week I am sure I will be back to my chatty self…computer willing!!

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