Side effects

Well you would think that when the treatment stops that it would be happy days and that any adverse reactions you get to your medication would stop. WRONG, some only increase and I am here at nearly 2.30 am not being able to sleep yet again on the sofa watching TV! Insomnia wins yet again – I have tried creams, lotions and potions and while they seem to work short term along with the additional side effects doesn’t make for a great nights sleep.


For the last few nights I have also been fighting a crazy itchiness – like you have creepy crawlies under your skin, particularly bad on my stomach and legs. Next week I am starting Radiotherapy so all medication except Letrozole has been put on hold until January 7th and this tablet is the source of all my problems.

It is also the one that is hopefully keeping my cancer spreading so I will just have to pretend that I am a campmate of I’m a Celeb and tomorrow I am off to the chemist for antihistamine!

We are out of lockdown this week but still in Tier2 but the cold and snowy weather today hasn’t made me want to go out any further. Glad to see that the bars and restaurants are back open and that my brother is back at work after another month furlough albeit on reduced hours. When will things get back to normal?

This week much talk has been whether we would go for the Pfizer Covid vaccine now that it is the first on the market and available in the coming days. Time will tell whether it will be suitable for me being a cancer patient on treatment or whether I will have to wait for one of the other ones on the market but my I know for sure that my name will be down as soon as I can. Not just about looking after yourself but looking after others and maybe in time it will be something we will all have to have before travelling abroad – like a Yellow Fever jab to some countries.

So now is the wait until next Friday and a trip to Leeds again. Have most of my Christmas shopping done and the tree is decorated just in case of any gremlins in the works nearer the time. Treatment should be done by the 21st and #happydays Christmas. Two days off for the holidays too.

Finished for now but think sleep is going be a long time coming!

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