The last 100….

Finally my gallbladder is out – never have I been so pleased to be rid of something. Now hopefully no more midnight rushes to A&E with the worse pain I can ever begin to describe. As it was keyhole surgery pain was limited and I only needed normal painkillers – could also be I am a tough nut or the fact that its not been a patch on some of the pain I have had to deal with recently.

Recovery has been lovely while the weather has been great and I have been making the most of the garden, what a godsend it has been and I have spent lunches soaking up the rays with my two accomplices Casey and Sky.

Good news this week that treatment has started again (Thursday) bloods were done and came back which showed healthy platelets. Its always a worry when you come off treatment for whatever reason, ill health, operations, radiotherapy as in your mind the cancer that has already moved could be moving again. Last scan showed stable Mabel and that’s where I want it to remain. CT and MRI scans will be in the next month with results soon after. I try not to get scanxiety as its not going to help but wait until the results are in and face things head on.

So you may ask where does the title “The Last 100” come from? Well those that know me well probably know me from my running and charity work that I have done over many years – I never ran for the fun of it, much too hard work plus I didn’t love it enough. Mind you every time I see the Peleton advert I wish I could run – really wish there was an option which there isn’t. Walking very slowly really takes it out of me now and that’s the reality.

BUT I have been told I can be buoyant (lots of ballast) and swim so next Wednesday I am going back to Coniston Hall Spa (Nadarra) to get back into a better place and also do my LAST EVER charity fundraiser. Captain Tom’s Foundation asked us to do 100 things so I will be attempting to do 100 miles of the swimming pool before August if not sooner.

The pool is 15m long and I will have to swim 68 lengths 34 there and back to do a mile- I normally went swimming 3 times a week so keeping fingers crossed that it is doable but as I said on the fundraising page do not judge if one day I just stay by the pool and do nothing but drink a non alcoholic cocktail!

The two charities that I have decided on mean the most to me at the moment as they are helping me – they are letting me see some semblance of normality in this time where everything is anything but.

Cancer Support Yorkshire – based in Bradford but we are lucky to have a local office in Skipton, helped with filling out forms when the hospital advised against working full-time. They also got me my blue badge, when things always seems so far away having something that helps you park closer is a godsend!

Sue Ryder – Manorlands – what would I have done if I hadn’t been allocated Vicki my palliative care nurse. At first to advise on pain relief but she has helped so much more, I can talk to her, just cry (sometimes that’s all I wanted to do) and yesterday when she came she advised on “when the time comes” and what my wishes are going to be.

I have a great team around me but I realise that in a year when charities have been really hit that I want to do my bit before I can’t . Swimming watch has been bought to record those miles – this will not be a speed event but an endurance one.

If you can’t donate but you can share my charity page so that I get as many people to view it – remember I won’t ever be asking for money again

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