Just call me MABLE….

This might be a long post….

Waiting for any sort of scan results is hard, even for the most patient of people (which I am not) but when you know that these might mean that your first line treatment hasn’t worked and that more decisions have to be made the worry is amplified even more. Every new ache has you wondering ‘what if?’

It makes you tired, physically drains you, sleep comes at the wrong time and at night the thoughts go around. You carry on with some sort of normality, for me that’s work ( lucky to have been blessed to do something I love and have a great Team around me), my boy Casey (the dog if anyone thought I had kids!) and trying to get the miles in of my swimming challenge.

So first off – results in and not the oncologist this time but the pharmacist who I have never spoken to before- I hope to again as he says that when they are busy he gets the easy calls. That gave me hope – the words no spread in any of the scans – overjoyed is an understatement. The spinal scan shows degeneration and that’s causing the pain but no cancer – pain I can handle – if drugs don’t work there is always GIN!

I was given the option of having further scans in 4 or 6 months, I opted for 4 but this means I can get on with my life for another few months, try to get my travel insurance for my holiday in October to the Sandos Papagayo in Lanzarote for some sun, sea and hopefully a tan! Also I know that I can still swim, if I had been told I had to have IV chemo instead of the oral I am on then its the end of any challenge.

Fundraising is going amazing and after a massive donation today of £250 it has reached £805 but it is EVERYONE’S donations that have humbled me. I can’t believe how generous people have been and from the messages I have received how this affected people.

thankyou for all your donations

Sue Ryder are putting together an article, Coniston Hotel Spa were wonderful and posted all my details on social media and my work posted twice internally and as I have said for someone who only started there last February I am lucky to have them behind me.

So there are 96 miles still to do – a massive do but this week I am off so will be able to up my distance and now I am buoyed by the good news I had today and not have as many hospital appointments which left me so drained I am on a mission. Today 73 laps – was going to do a mile but time got in the way so tomorrow going earlier.

at the pool

Since I can’t go abroad and I am on holiday this week I am going for a cheeky little get away to Cumbria – me and Casey in a dog friendly hotel near a beach. Weather looks okish and he is having a haircut tomorrow to make himself look presentable. I am looking forward to some quiet time – books, Netflix, gastrofood and days on the beach throwing balls!

Other positive things – May 17th we saw more things opening and life starting to get back to get back to normal – went out with the family last week to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries not content with that going out again tomorrow – life is for living right?

NB Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to Annalise, Richard and Cerica who I met on my birthday at Coniston for the lovely present and letter


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