Where does time go?

Can it be nearly a month since my last blog?

Like the title says where does the time go – some days I seem to have been chasing myself and as you can see from one week when swimming was put virtually on hold sometimes my health gets in the way and my energy levels are not where I want them to be.

Are we already in June – Freedom day has been put on hold until July but sorry Mr. J I cannot wait not even for a month, got to start planning and making sure that when my time comes I don’t have any regrets.


I was inspired by a book – found at the Range, a new shop to us and one I pottered about on Sunday, browsing as you do. The Bucket List book. At the beginning of my second journey I posted a few things I wanted to do and with the help of friends got to fulfill some before lockdown.

Now I have 45 things to do – some are so simple and things I can do myself. Started doing nr 17 today with the help of YouTube – knitting myself a scarf and nr 27 is to complete a 1000+ jigsaw so I have Santorini to make me think of holidays. With 101 on the list I have plenty to think about.

Last week saw me do full hours – I reduced them on the hospital recommendation last year – but I was required to do 6 days of training. Head was totally mashed by day 3 and working 8.30-5.30 it was hard to go to the spa when you have nothing to give. I was going away the weekend but as it was cancelled last minute due to COVID I managed an extra couple of days.

Counting my miles so far – up to yesterday I had done 9.5 miles and with todays lengths I have got over the 10 mile mark – finally – seems like it has taken an age. Sue Ryder and Manorlands have given the OK for anyone who wants to do a MOLLY MILE to help get the miles done – think everyone thinks its going to take me too long.

All you need to do is find out the length of your pool mine is 15m so 108 lengths = 1 mile

Post on FB or in the comments on WordPress when you have done it and share the link of the donation page – if you can get 1 person to donate £1 and I can get 50 to do 50 miles I will do the other 50, well I only have 40 to do now don’t I?


I have also made a basic word document to show when and how many lengths I have done – added my friend Karen’s lengths as she is joining me on my journey. Next week the only water we will be seeing is her hot-tub and plenty of prosecco!

CHARITY SWIM.docx – Microsoft Word Online (live.com)

Want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated £870 so far. This means so much to the charities, it motivates me to actually get up and do something positive when things could actually be quite negative.

Treatment week this week – always happy to receive it (next month will be having a short break while I have a root canal..agghhh) Have my 6 month call with the lovely specialist at Birmingham Orthopedic Hospital to check I am OK – they are my back up in case I need surgery which I hope I won’t.

So until then I will get back to my knitting – a scarf by Christmas? Orders anyone?

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