Year in the life….

Can it be a year since I got the news that would turn my life upside down – July 3rd 2020. Life without cancer seems like a lifetime away, 2015, the things I saw as important then are no longer a priority and the one most powerful thing now is TIME, doing things, seeing people – making memories for me and those around me.

This week has seen so many positive’s – the team at Sue Ryder Manorlands wanted to market my challenge to get the best exposure for both charities but most importantly showcasing what they actually do and in a year when they like other charities they have been hit financially, to see that funds can be raised out of this. The full article can be read below and a similar version – actually virtually a full page was in our local newspaper The Craven Herald. Needless to say my Mum bought numerous copies!

Lucy at Sue Ryder has said Yorkshire Life Magazine have also requested photos and information to do a piece. On the back of just these couple of articles fundraising has really taken off and now it stands at over £1200 with more I am sure to come the nearer I get to my goal.

Last week I was in Scotland so swim time was limited but seeing friends was more important – not a rest going from Yorkshire to the East of Scotland to the West in 2 days and the weather could have been kinder but life has to be grabbed with both hands and that’s what I did. Next time hopefully COVID doesn’t get in the way and I will be able to spend more time with both set of friends.

First of many……

Next week I have the dreaded dentist – work which needs me to come off some of my treatment while I have it done. Root canal Monday and the week after fillings – hoping that as long as I keep my mouth shut I will be OK to swim – that could be challenging.

Massive thank you to Karen in Scotland for doing 1.46 miles to add to Molly’s miles and Samantha doing a mixture of open water swimming and pool also in Scotland for also smashing out a massive 14.11 miles. Emma has just posted to say she has done 2 x 875m to do just over a mile. I have only done slightly more at 14.64 miles but happy with that so far – I have to remind myself that 1) I am not a swimmer 2) I swim mainly with my upper body so take twice as long 3) Who cares about time its about getting the job done

Samantha’s open swimming in Scotland

Was able to tick something else of my bucket list with the help of Richard, Karen’s husband who is a whizz around the house and when I mentioned my desire to learn how to bake a loaf of bread – Paul Hollywood’s recipe came out along with the flour and yeast.

Bucket List Nr 29 done – BREAD

Can’t believe how easy it was – despite being slightly heavy handed with some of the ingredients and even surprised myself that I made something that was edible. Nearly finished my scarf (just have the bobbles to put on) but have put a hold on the 1000 piece jigsaw – took it out of the box was so overwhelmed didn’t know where to start so put them back again!

Finally while I am at it I should mention the Euros – my Dad as both a Swiss and English supporter would have been watching with interest and I am sure he was looking down from Heaven cheering both teams on. Switzerland beat France but left the show yesterday on penalties to Spain and England are in the quarters after a fantastic match with old rivals Germany – favourites now to win and like everything we can live in hope. Tonight they play again.

Everything crossed for tonight

A massive thank you to EVERYONE who has donated, some donations are anonymous others are from people who have seen the article. I am truly overwhelmed and will do my best to prove I am worthy of this generosity.

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