The sign on the motorway says….


I truly think that at times that the cancer is not going to kill me but the overwhelming desire just to fall asleep is, if I don’t pre-record my favourite tv programmes I don’t get to watch them as I end up dosing half way through – even the joys of +1 don’t help as I still don’t manage to watch it second time around.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter and while I love heat more than rain, a menopausal woman on hormone drugs is not a great mix. The pool at Coniston is lovely and cool but I can only manage 1/2 mile at at time, so things are a long haul.

But decided to make it fun and sign up for a Swimming Challenge where I get a medal at the end – not the full 100 miles but I get to go to France without leaving Yorkshire. I had already done 16 miles before the start and I am now have another 2 to add to the mix before today.

Once again I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has donated, whatever amount as this really motivates me to continue on my journey. As I say the only time I find swimming easy is when I am on holiday, lazing with a cocktail in hand dipping in and out of the pool just to cool off! Will have to wait until Sicily next May but hope that I have finished all my miles by then.

Have had to sleep on the sofa for many nights this week to keep my dog Casey company downstairs – he woke up Monday morning not being able to walk on his left hind back leg, a trip to the vet saw a prognosis of torn cruciate ligament and an operation the following week.

As an old man of 10 years we were not only looking at a serious operation but also a lengthy recovery time – plus since he was not insured anymore a massive vet bill. He was set home with pain killers, garden rest and a week of waiting – plus a diet as Mum’s extra feeding since Milo’s death had seen him gain a few more kilos than necessary!

Casey before groomers

Friday came and you would think he was a different dog and that he knew that an imminent operation was on the cards, back to his old self, not a limp in sight. A trip to the dog groomers also lifted his mood and he was like a puppy again. So Vets have agreed to postpone the op and we see how it goes – DIET is still to go ahead!

Update on bucket list to do’s

Have booked and paid for a ride in a Porsche (my favourite car) just need organise a date

Going to Bingo on the 23rd July with friends – Buzz Bingo Keighley here we come – winner winner chicken dinner!

Have taken an IQ Test online with Mensa – said it was a good effort 10/18 hated the puzzle questions and got all the normal ones correct. Bit of fun really.

Scarf 98% finished just need to put the tassles on the end

When I can get tickets will take my brother to see Leeds Utd play a league match at Elland Road

Quick edit on treatment – have had to be off treatment while having teeth done but will be starting back again Thursday with blood tests Wednesday. Have had a request for mammogram on 20th August and should hopefully be getting my 4 monthly check up in August too. Until then I will just EMBRACE each day.

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