Going for Gold

Today I was channelling my inner Peaty – Adam Peaty that is. Saturday night when I couldn’t sleep I watched him win the breast-stroke semi final with ease and looked mesmerised at the style and the sheer power of his strokes -now if only I could go as fast as that I would have had this challenge finished ages ago. Maybe I need to have a lion tattooed on my shoulder!

In the early hours of this morning he did it again, without me watching this time and brought home GOLD for Great Britain so when I went to the pool at 9am, not really feeling the love I thought of the dedication of all our athletes and the sacrifices they have had to make to get to their best. For every lap of the pool – however slow was for them and a special shout out to Tom Daley after 14 years his first Olympic Gold. Proves that when you are in a happy place like he his, marriage and a child things just simply come together.

I love that the second swimming challenge I have signed up for (to help with the monotony of lane swimming) is not only giving me a medal at the end but depending on how far/fast I swim is also helping the environment by planting trees – real ones! Today I swam 20% of the channel and planted my first tree – thats two now with Cedric who lives a little closer to home.

July 26th

Back to Bucket list – I am having such a great time ticking things off – doing things on my own or with friends. If I was to give any bit of advice I would say don’t wait until you get news like mine before you start doing things. You will miss out on doing so many things, I am having a blast at the moment.

How would I have known that I would have loved BINGO so much, we were treated like royalty by the staff at Buzz Bingo in Keighley. As Bingo Virgins they talked us through the machines (we chose the electronic ones which are idiot proof) and fuelled by fruit cider and cheesy chips we were good to go.

To be honest the first few tickets I still hadn’t a clue what I was doing but after a while got the hang of it – £10 for a line £20 for 2 line and £100 for a full house. It was all quite exciting and we were all on the edges of our seats – would we win, wouldn’t we and by pure luck one of the staff came to check to see if we were OK and noticed I had one number from a full house then unbelievably number called – I shouted HERE and button pressed to claim – another person had shouted too so we both got £50 – not bad for a night out and it bought some more drinks. Can’t wait to go back again and the 20th August is pencilled in – there is some serious money to be won!

Been updating the spreadsheet with the miles as friends have been adding to it so here goes so far –

Molly 32’700m =20.31 miles Karen 2’358m = 1.465 miles Samantha 18’100m = 11.24m Emma 1’750m = 1.08 miles Shauna 1’300m = 0.807 miles and todays NEW entry HUNTER the Alsatian 240m = 0.149 miles (more to come) That’s a grand total of 56’448 m = 35.075 miles

Super proud of everyone, especially Hunter.

Hunter swimming 30 lengths for charity

https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MollyFuchs thank you to everyone that has donated so far, please help me reach £2000 so that I can give the 2 charities equal amounts. I will carry on until I can do no more. I won’t say its easy because it isn’t, waves of tiredness get to me and my hip can only take so many lengths without getting the shakes – I reckon my life was meant to be lived without exercise in it but then I would be bored and very very fat! So I will continue what I do with your help of course.

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