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I have read that maybe a bucket list might not be the best thing to do in my situation because the heartbreak of not fulfilling them all would be too much, I disagree, they are the things that get me up in the morning when I have had a bad night, the excitement of being with friends or family while we all share in my enjoyment.

And boy do I enjoy each and everyone no matter how small. The last couple of weeks have seen me cross off quite a few – proper random ones at that :-

Nr 9 Be in the audience of a TV show – completed 26/08/21 managed to get free tickets to a new TV show hosted by Gary Lineker at Media City in Manchester, went with my brother by train (he was the guide) Front row seats awaited us for the show titled Sitting on a Fortune (remember this and look out for me ITV) A great insight into how they do it, an hour show took 3 hours and Gary is a lot shorter than you think!

Watching Gary Linekar

Nr 17 Finally finished my scarf. 31/08/21 From the start when I had to YouTube how to cast on and off to the trials and tribulations of trying to make my own pompoms and trying to make tassels to finally admitting defeat and buying the most gorgeous fluffy ones from Cottontails. Now starting my second one for Mum and going to try a hat!!

Learning to knit

Nr 20 Volunteer Wanted to do something that I could dip in and out of if I felt good or not and on 21/08/21 I turned up to help at my local park run in Skipton. While running has been part of my life for many years I hate 5km – too fast for this plodder but I do like the running spirit – I am usually one cheering the loudest. So for the last couple of weekends I have been on scanner duty – a chair in the car for when I was tired.

Park Run Volunteer
Molly Molly cocktail

Nr 30 Create my own cocktail – who doesn’t want something named after them and thanks to my Brother-in-Law Stephen the Molly Molly cocktail was created on 28/08/21. Joined by Mum, Aunt Anna, Erika, her MIL Anne and later Andrew, a BBQ soaked up all the liquid calories and after a lot of trials this is MY drink – try if you like – 20cl peach schnapps, 40cl vodka, 20cl Malibu, 80cl pineapple juice, in a shaker with ice – shake shake in glass and top with lemonade decorate with strawberry and umbrella.

Nr 34 Adopt an animal 30/08/21 In a world where there are ever decreasing numbers of animals due to their environment or humans we need people in the world that will help save them. I already donate to a UK Animal charity and have done for a couple of years but on seeing an advert for the WWF decided that I would adopt one of Mum’s favourite animals, a mountain Gorilla. Now at £3 a month I know they may not get much out of me long term but hey its a start.

Adopt a mountain gorilla

Nr 41 This is half done. Was on my list as disgusting as it is, treatment has made my big toenails half detach themselves from the nailbed. Not pretty but in the grand scheme of things who see’s my toenails – oh yes half of Coniston when I jump into the pool. Last week I had a couple of days off from swimming and when I got back a letter behind reception showed me how wonderful friends are – Lorraine Oliver and family have paid for me to have a pedicure at the Spa – words cannot thank them enough as this is the second Bucket List they have helped me fulfil, the first being Nr 10 Zoo Keeper for the day. Cannot wait to be pampered.

Yesterday 3/09/21 Liesl Fairhurst, my partner in crime on so many charity events came with me to get the best thrill (since I am not into fairground rides or zip wires) that I ever wanted to do – drive my favourite EVER car a Porsche, a 911. It wasn’t about the speed but the luxury of the car and after turning up with about another 400+ people to drive their favourite cars in Elvington on a grey Friday afternoon this was a thrill in itself. Mind you the £49 Virgin Experience Day ended up quite a lot more once damage waiver, extra laps, photo package and a demo lap were included (with a screaming Liesl in the back) made the pennies mount up but oh was it worth it. Luckily I wasn’t in the car on my own (the guy did have a brake but you have to go fast to use that) No gear stick but up and down gears on the steering wheel and without a clutch only brake or accelerator . Chicanes and with Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s overtaking me on the inside made me drive slower but as they said it wasn’t about speed but experience. I had the best time and shared it all with a great friend.

Race track buddy Liesl
Ready for off

So as you can see I have been busy making memories but it has been so much more the last couple of weeks. Its been scans and results and more scans. These are always a cause of concern but secondary cancer means that these will never end, until the end, and I hope that isn’t anytime soon. So one bit of good news is that my 4 monthly scans came back stable, no spread in my hip and nothing else in abdomen or chest. The not so great news is that the extra CT scan they did on my head showed a 5p piece of something they can’t determine – whether the cancer has travelled (mets), a benign tumour or cyst.

Another scan would have to be done this time an MRI – clunk clunk clunk goes the machine and is more claustrophobic than any that I have experienced. Plus a head cage (with mirror) completed what I can only describe as horrible even with the anxiety meds, which didn’t seem to kick in until 2 hours after I got home – then I was out for the count for hours! No veins meant 3 people couldn’t attach a cannula for the contrast on the last 2 images meaning I still might have to repeat it. Results back next week at the MDT meeting and I am determined not to worry until there is something to worry about.

Swimming has been put on the back burner a bit, haven’t swam since Monday and have completed 12.5 miles of the channel challenge another 8.5 miles to go and hoping to get a great chunk done Sunday and next week before my results in case I need different treatment and it has to be put on hold.

If you do find a couple of £££’s to help my two charities Sue Ryder Manorlands and Yorkshire Cancer Support then I will be so grateful. Thanks to Hunter the German Shepherd to adding to his laps – anyone wants to swim a lap for Molly’s Mile let me know and I will add to my spreadsheet.


This one was a long one – promise next one will be shorter and hopefully with good news

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