What’s next?

Getting results back is always worrying and after the CT scan that noticed I had something in my head but couldn’t confirm what, the next MRI and results were going to nerve racking. Knowing a meeting was scheduled Thursday and I would get to know soon after softened the wait. And when the Breast Cancer nurse rings instead of the oncologist with the answers this alleviates all fears – bad news always comes from higher up!

I have a what is called a meningioma – a benign tumour which at 12mm, they say is nothing to worry about, well for another year at least when I will get another scan. No intervention, no losing my driving licence, just to be aware there is something there and if I get any further symptoms SHOUT.

So back to life and living it! No putting things on hold. Excited that for 3 months at least I can start to plan things, who doesn’t like doing things?

Treatment starts back on Thursday, the dreaded bloods are arranged at the hospital on Tuesday and in-between I have bucket list Nr43 planned – Seeing the Northern Ballet (live on screen at Victoria Hall, Settle) doing Dangerous Liaison’s. Decided against going to see my first ballet in a Theatre just in case I hated it.

Jumped at the chance of going to Blackpool on Wednesday, with the weather forecast as being wet and cold there won’t be any dipping toes in the sea or any sunbathing but the beauty of going there is there are always things to do inside. Liesl and I are just going to have fun with a capital F!


Meals out with friends are always high on the agenda, time to catch up and eat fabulous food, so Thursday I will be savouring the delights of Sydney’s in Settle (food and cocktails) with Carrie.

And then there is knitting – progressed from scarfs to hats – adorned with beautiful pom-poms. Decided to make them and offer them to friends for a donation to Stage4deservesmore. Admin Gemma and Jude and all the ladies who are part of this Facebook page have got me through the last 13 months. Knowing that I am not alone, sad to say that it is a growing community with people there that don’t or shouldn’t be there. Secondary breast cancer is not talked about enough but in a week where Sarah Harding died it has been talked about more by the media. There still needs to be more done. https://www.stage4deservesmore.com

Pompom Hats

Have completed 15.5 miles of my Channel Swim of 21 miles – last week managed to get a few sessions in where I did a mile at a time but the weather was beautiful and I got to chill outside on the sunbeds while doing nothing. Won’t be doing this too many times as it takes nearly 3 hours out of my day but enjoyed the time for me.

Virgin Money giving have decided to cease after November so I have 2 options – step up a gear so that I can finish the 100 miles before then or 2) be realistic that I won’t be able to complete it and alter my challenge. I will keep on going until then – November is 2 months away and a lot can be done in that time.

Hunter the gorgeous German Shepherd did his 43 laps of the doggie pool to add to Molly’s miles – anyone want to add their mile to the list get swimming and let me know.


Having raised £1695 of a £2000 target I feel overwhelmed by everyone’s support and know that by the 30th November I will be able to complete all my targets both swimming and fundraising.

Until then going to make the most of every day.

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