Its been a while…

A lot has happened, well it would do as it was November when I last posted – Christmas is over and we are into another year, 2022, what will that bring? We are now going into a third year of uncertainty but hopefully one where we learn to live with COVID and not be governed by it. I sometimes sit and think, will the country get back on its feet in my limited lifetime, so many people have been affected, and financially it will take decades until the money that was borrowed to shore us all up is paid back.

But I can’t look that far forward – my life is in 3 month blocks and so far I am on January to March. Scans done in December showed that the lesion in my pelvic bone is stable so can still call me Mable but I have a hiatus hernia (which causes terrible heartburn) and some benign granulomas in my lungs. Still in a lot of pain on my right side but they can find no reason for this so have been given painkillers to help.

well they can never find blood!

A letter at the beginning of December from my Breast specialist regarding my mammogram in September apologised for not getting back to me sooner as they had noticed changes in my primary breast from my previous one and a biopsy was needed to see if there was anything sinister. This has only just been done this week due to a number of factors and I will get the results on the 18th. The day before I go in hospital for a operation to have a portacath fitted – my veins have collapsed now and bloods have to be taken from my feet, CT scans have to be done without contrast as they cannot put a cannula in.

So treatment and hospital appointments still go on, life still goes on. Had a lovely Christmas and I cooked dinner (except the Turkey) for 6 of us – it took its toll though and I slept like a baby afterwards. New Year I was up just to raise a glass of Baileys with Mum and my brother and then bed!

Xmas dinner nom nom

December I was able to go to Lanzarote and have a lovely holiday at the Sandos Papagayo Resort, 24 hr All Inclusive, I had a fantastic room with a sea view and when I didn’t feel 100% I stayed in my room, read or watched TV or Netflix and always had the knowledge I could get something to eat or drink day or night.

View from Room
Feet action

Mum and I were supposed to visit family in Switzerland the week after but due to new rules by both Governments this has now been changed to February. Other things planned off my bucket list for the next few months is an Italian Course for beginners at the local college (Jan) Leeds Utd Football match with brother (Jan) Michelin star restaurant with friend (Jan) Going to be a bride for the day – trying on wedding dresses at Cinderallas (Feb)

Bucket List for March is a bit bare but sure I will find something, just have to get op and results over with first. Still knitting in fact I am doing more than ever at the moment, winter with hair loss is the pits and when I lost mine I was blessed with so many friends that sent me hats and head coverings so now that I can knit I am repaying it to the ladies in the support group I am in.

colours galore

I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2022. Make memories. Live laugh and love. Life is definitely for living as you only get one.

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