Cows, Flower pots and raising money!

What have all these got in common you might ask?

For years I have fundraised for different charities and I thought this would stop once I had my diagnosis 2 years ago. Well it didn’t but the charity I have chosen is much more personal to me as they are helping me not just now but will in the future. The Sue Ryder nurses and Manorlands Hospice are my constant and for that I am truly grateful.

Cows first – this Sunday I will be being forcefully pushed off the rock formation known as the Cow and Calf in Ilkley. And because I think I might die at some stage – probably from a heart attack – so I will go out in style – in full cow outfit, complete with udders!

My longtime friend Lorraine is coming from Spain and doing the Zip Wire too (I did mention that didn’t I?) and hopefully Sean her partner will take some photos – I hope that I am not screaming too loudly.

If you wish to donate please click the link below – anything gratefully accepted

Now for the Flowerpots – from the 16th July until 4th September it is the Flowerpot Festival in Settle and I have been blessed to have been part of a team who have made some new creations for this year.

The first was a parrot to fly amongst the trees with it fellow birds, then there was Doris the giraffe who had to be repainted when I sprayed with a flourish in white paint instead of clear sealer, the third was Susie the Sue Ryder nurse along with her donation bucket (£40 so far) and she sits proudly at the end of my drive. My next creation had me tearing my hair out, a windmill – thought it would be easy no it wasn’t but sits outside the local jewellers Warren & Wrights. My favourite is Bertie Bassett who while not perfect has a cheeky face and lastly for the Golden Lion pub – a Golden Lion – surprise surprise!

Locals and visitors alike can buy trails – there are 3 – and search for the many dotted around town and the surrounding area. At £2 each its a cheap fun thing to do whether young or old – although if I was to do it I would be stopping for refreshments all the time (loads of places in Settle)

So with all that going on my treatment has been put on hold for a bit, first because I got a dry socket infection after having my tooth out then getting two more infections after each other that floored me. Only the third lot of antibiotics actually worked but had to go to see a hospital doctor after my team deemed it necessary. Treatment day was today and I am glad to say it went ahead.

Next body scans won’t be until November as they have now given me 6 months between since I have been stable. There is always the anxiety that there will be spread and it won’t be caught in time but I have my annual mammogram next month to make sure there is no change from last year – all you do is keep fingers and toes crossed and anything else you can cross!

I am happy while feeling OK to book a few things, meals out with friends, a concert ticket and hotel to see Andrea Bocelli, a holiday in Lanzarote, another possible trip to Blackpool with my Scottish mates (this one only came about today) – Life definitely is for living!

Hope you like the Flowerpot photos – next blog there will hopefully cow ones!

Lastly I bought a book (on recommendation) to help sort out my affairs – great name eh!

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