Late Monday run –

I have been very late in posting this blog because a lot has happened this week

a) I have been working extra hours

b) I have been extra tierd

c) My fundraising for my Race for Life has gone through the roof and I am just having to make sure that I am thanking everyone that has donated to my page. Feeling very humbled – on my Just gving page to date I have already reached £410 and more money is coming in with donations at work. I am looking forward to Monday and the run.

Monday was my last run and it was a late run because although I took the boys out for a walk I had my sister and brother-in-law Stephen to visit in the afternoon and even I can’t just say “sorry I am now taking off, thanks for visiting”!

So I waited until around 5pm and then went on a normal trail run up watery lane and around, because it was still warm the trees proved a nice bit of shade. Breathing is still hard but that could be anything and I reckon and at this time its the weather.

I did enjoy it and its always a sense of achievement when I finish. The weather has been lovely although a bit hot for running (unless morning or evening)

Tomorrow (Friday) I will try and get a final run this week as on Saturday I am going to Stoke-on-Trent to see my mate Adele and be a marshal for the Potteries Marathon on Sunday. I will meet a lot of my other running friends on the Saturday night at Wetherspoons and it will give me chance for just one day forget about the week to come.

Then it will be my 5k race on Monday which is also in conjunction with an online 5km race I booked with my running club (I have already got my medal for this and goody bag)

Tomorrow is another day!

So stats for Mondays run:-

1.94 miles 31.52 min 16.24 min/m 176 cals 60ft

A week is a long time….

Nearly a week since my diagnosis and I have had had the most amazing support from both family, friends and work colleagues and for this I am  truly grateful. Other than my run on Tuesday before my hospital I have been too tired  to go out and most days after work have fallen asleep.

Went for my pre -op on Friday and although I was not worried about any of this, I have had enough operations to know the procedure, it really hit me about the enormity of what I am about to go through. The nurse was lovely and said it was normal to feel as low as I was feeling that day and the tiredness was probably due to the stress of things. Going to work afterwards only took one word of “are you OK?” to have me in bits but once again everyone was amazing. I was sent home and went to bed.

The next day my mood lifted and I felt more positive even though I had been up at 5am and I decided to put a plan in place. My operation is July 8th – I was supposed to do the Race for Life 5km in Ilkley on July 12th – this of course can now not happen. So I will run the race on my own in Settle using my Garmin to log the mileage and post of FB. My race number is 800 and my t-shirt has been bought. If anyone wants to sponsor me (doesn’t matter how much) or share my page please do. But this is about raising awareness that you don’t have to have a lump to get breast cancer and women at 50 should ask for a mammogram.

Today I went out for another run/walk 2 minute of each, breathing was not great but I haven’t been out much and have been sleeping a lot. Stats are:

24.06 mins 1.53 miles 15.45 min/mil 149 cals 49 elevation

Running Coaching

A kiss from Lucy just when I needed it - a brave little girl
A kiss from Lucy just when I needed it – a brave little girl

Down but not out…….

This week has been a mixed week after a great out with Jill on Sunday I was really tired on Monday and other than taking the dogs out for a walk stayed in bed doing nothing much in particular (well sleeping actually)

Tuesday I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon in the afternoon so shifted my work rota around so that I didn’t have to work an evening shift. Got up at 5am (yes even I didn’t believe it) and took the dogs for a walk – they weren’t as bouncy as normal but that was good for me!

Got back at 5.45am and changed into my running stuff and headed out for a short run – according to plan it was 2x 5 minutes run and 2 x 5 minutes walk which was just enough after the dog walk which loosened me up.

I did everything I was taught, short strides and held myself upright and I managed 3 minutes running before I walked for 7 but then I managed to run for 5 the next time and things were getting easier. I went to Upper Settle, through town and down to Booths and by the time it was my 5 minute walk I was nearly home.

Don’t get me wrong while I enjoyed the run, I think I enjoy my bed more and I would rather have sleep and run later in the later.

Garmin showed 1.30 miles 20.05 minutes 15.27 pace 130 cals 60ft elevation

After my morning shift at work I had an appointment at the hospital for results of tests that I had the previous week. Luckily my good friend Sam came with me and I knew when I was called in that it wasn’t going to be good.

I have been diagnosed with stage 2 Breast cancer which has spread to my lymph nodes. The course of treatment is an operation followed by chemotherapy. I am staying very positive BUT there were a few things that would have to be put on hold and one thing was the Great North Run and the Race for Life that I had booked for July 12th.

This year is for getting my health back in check and I have already had an email from GNR to say that they have deferred my place for 2016. I have had fantastic messages from support from all my friends both at work, running mates and Jill my running coach who is as disappointed as I was that I have not been able to complete my journey.

Mine might last a little longer – the special bit of my 50th year is that I have hopefully been able to catch the cancer early, detection was found not because of a lump but because of my age and because I asked for one! Remember ladies we of a certain age need to look after ourselves.

So this molly can run but it might be sporadic over the next few months and weeks.


One to one

Have been looking forward to this session all week. Alright going out on my own but need to know if I am going wrong with anything, technique with breathing, walking, running and going up and down hills – everything that I have just winged my way through in the past and ended up not enjoying going out.

Jill came round at 5pm and my Mum took a photo of us both (can’t download at the moment) and then we set off up towards upper Settle past Jill’s Mum’s house and then onto a road I have never been. I can’t believe I have lived here on and off since I was 18 although I did live many years abroad and 6 years in Silsden but have not walked on half the road/paths around here.

We went through a gate and onto open fields with sheep and even coming only a little way up the views were lovely. Mind you I could see the route Jill had planned and I was wondering whether my legs could stand it. I had already had to stop and stretch my calves as I had pain in both but especially my right – groaning under the pressure of doing some work for a change.

Once we arrived at the top we stopped for a while (another photo opportunity) and for me to catch my breath – the oxygen is really thinner the higher you go you know….lol What I didn’t know is that we were going up further. We scrambled over the stepping wall and into another field and continued up onwards to find another field with stepping stone and to my horror – COWS and bullocks at that!

I made Jill go into the field first, if they chased her then I wasn’t going in! But they were quite placid and left us alone so we went on. Although dry it was quite blowy but I didn’t need my jacket on as I was getting warm. We finally reached the top before our descent downwards – past some beautiful azaleas, still some in bloom. The ground there was boggy and I had to be careful not to get my foot stuck – then it was downhill and the way.

This bit I didn’t mind – much prefer it although I am no mountain goat! Jill kept saying you will be surprised at where you end up and I was – Watery Lane – the lane I take the dogs. Instead of going back that way we hopped over a style into a field and ran across it and ended up near my house. I had a brilliant hour and am looking forward to putting into practice the things I learnt today.

Things to remember and focus on POSTURE
key points =  helium balloon pulling you up tall – straight back. Keep water in bucket – hips high
Keep strides short try to land mid to fore foo should help you feel lighter
Shoulders relaxed and down
Lots of arm swing to aid momentum especially when walking

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No pain no gain!

My plan from yesterday had been delayed due to the fact that I had banged my coccyx before I came home from work and the drive back was awful. So when I got back and I took some painkillers and rubbed some pain gel into on it I couldn’t walk comfortably and I went to bed early so that I could lie down.

Today the pain had eased but hadn’t gone entirely and by the time I had sat for a full day at work it ached again. If anyone wants two dogs at the moment they could be free to a good home – I was up at 2am and then 5am, so sleep was so lacking when I got up at 6.30am But plan said 10-5-2 a gradual run, walk and fast run. To say that I wasn’t in the mood is an understatement but I went out.

First 3 minutes were OK but breathing wasn’t OK don’t know if that’s all the things I have been going through this week or because its road running rather than trail, whatever it was nothing felt easy. When it came to the sprint (well it will never be with me) I felt like an elephant running in treacle and could manage 44 seconds before nearly collapsing!

Well they say you always have a bad run before you have a good run and I am doing my 1:1 with Jill tomorrow so conserving my energy for then. During the week I had an email from a journalist from the Craven Herald saying that they would do a piece in the newspaper covering my training for the Great North Run. Time for us to be famous!

So here are stats – but no photos as it wasn’t a scenic run this time and I just wanted it over, didn’t even take music with me!

1.08 miles 17.04 minutes 15.44 min/mile 96 cals 29 elevation

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Does trail running get any easier?

Yesterday I was sent my first 6 week plan from Jill – apprehension stuck in my stomach as it now seems very real that I have to get out there and train – and train properly!

Views across to Settle
Views across to Settle

Today was 40 minutes broken down into 15-10-15 run/walk but as I didn’t think I would be able to run straight on trails for that length of time I asked whether I could adapt it slightly until my fitness is more improved. So I set up my Garmin for a 30/30 seconds run/walk and as I had already decided my route it was just about getting out there!

Maybe it would be easier if I had the correct footwear but for now my road Saucony Omni 13 will have to do (unless there is a kind sole -get it – out there who fancies buying me a pair) I didn’t feel as nimble and agile – but then again when do I?  The solid sole of the Omni 13 helps on the hard tarmac and I was limiting myself to that.

I set off after a very light breakfast off mixed berries and yoghurt – slapped on some P20 sunscreen as it was getting out beautiful – something I am not used to. All my previous training has been done in the dead of winter so layers have always been the norm!

Now That’s What I Call Music 90 was my music of choice on my mobile – but no headphones, put it on speaker and phone in my Karimor run bag. Watery Lane is the normal choice for dog walkers and leads higher up to more opportunities to do training (especially hill reps)

Watery Lane
Watery Lane

The path has everything, grass, stones a stream and weaves in and out and up and down. I was glad of the shade at times because it was getting really warm but the Garmin kept going on Auto-Pause when it lost connection.

Kept running or walking when it left or took a photo!

Did some downhill work when I got to the farm at the top of the hill which brought me back to the main road.

This is where I deviated from where I thought I was going to go and while I crossed the road as normal I decided to go down by the river and risk the chance there were cows in the field.

Headed off towards Rumley Mill past houses on my right and near the river. The cars on the bypass thundered over and I took the pathway which would take me onto this road but back down the other side and over a style (by this time the last thing I wanted to get over)

The sun was really hot now and there was limited shade BUT the satellites were still not kind and it was not showing the correct time or distance. But I didn’t mind – it was lovely to get out even though I know I wasn’t going to break any speed records.


Some ducks didn’t take kindly to my music and even though I turned it down they flew into the river before I could whip my camera out for that all important photo opportunity. I was keeping my fingers well and truly crossed that there were no cows and although there were 3 fields I thought my luck was in when I didn’t see any – but they were hiding – some very young bullocks and cows – and even though they didn’t move I stayed close to the river just in case I needed to make a quick exit!

Got back to the main road in Giggleswick as the Garmin beeped 40 minutes but I had been out longer. Took a relaxing walk back home to stretch out and was surprised when I downloaded my watch that it said:

2.48 miles 40.01 16.08 pace 227 calories

Next one is just uphill and downhill walk – won’t have any problems finding them here in the Yorkshire Dales.

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Hello World

Molly can run – Molly has run but after a disastrous Virgin London Marathon in 2014 I sort of gave up. Trainers came out at intervals but they never got past a couple of miles and never without the feeling that I should never have left the sofa.

So I decided I should enter a BIG race but not another marathon – my big toenail had only just grown back!  The next big one was Great North Run so I entered the first ballot by the Daily Mail and with many other people found I was unsuccessful.

But one memorable day in February I was sitting in a hospital ward waiting to go under a general anaesthetic I got an email on my phone to say I had got in – great timing! Also meant no training for a while. Still 7 months is enough for 13.1 miles isn’t it?

So I decided since I got my own place that I would raise money for Bowel Cancer UK – its 5 years this year since Dad died of the disease and in May I celebrated my 50th birthday – so thought I would try to raise some money to mark the years and the wonderful man he was.

What I didn’t expect was another operation at the end of May so running delayed until NOW. But I have hired a running coach Jill Eccleston for some 1:1 coaching and a plan. I want to be as fit as I can to get me round and have fun while I am doing it.

This blog is to post my progress and also my charity fundraising for

Happy reading – Molly