Final post….


Where do I start – I suppose from the beginning, so this could be a long one. Please be patient as this will be the last one for a while as I am taking myself off social media for a couple of weeks.

Friday 20th

Was excited to be going down to London First Class, booking early had given me a good deal and a reserved seat but not happy when I got down to Leeds to find out the train had been cancelled (was this the start of things to come) Luckily I got a seat but stress doesn’t come into it!

Met Julie at Kings Cross – my fellow CWC fundraiser, friend and runner and we went to my fabulous hotel Mecure London Bridge to drop off my stuff before heading for the Expo. I chose the hotel because it was near 2 underground stations – but it would have been easier if we could have worked out where we were going!

Finally got there – busy old day – hot hot hot – do like an Expo – actually if I could do that and nothing else I would be rather happy.  Other than visiting our Charity stand to meet and greet the people who have supporting us all the way it gives us time to buy things or better still get things FREE!!!

It had been a late day for both of us and after seeing Martin Yelling doing a talk and speaking to Colin Burgin-Plews “the man in the dress” who supports Breast Cancer Now we headed off for something to eat! First of my meltdowns happened in Nandos – needless to say we didn’t stay and headed off for the hotel restaurant which was wonderful.

Saturday 21st

I had never been so excited to do anything than go on the RIB Experience on the Thames – this was to my sightseeing tour courtesy of Sally Bott and family in Australia. And boy what an experience – 12 of us in a speedboat seeing the sights of good old London Town to the sounds of James Bond and Sam Smith (I would see it a lot slower on Sunday)

I never feel the need for speed being one of the worlds plodders – don’t like rollercoasters – like my feet planted firmly on the ground but boy oh boy did I love this.


Then it was time for CAKE – in style – HARRODS with Julie, proper china cups and cakes like my Dad used to make. This carb loading wasn’t too bad, neither was the ice-cream in the sun later – but I was worrying more and more about marathon day – I don’t do heat – give me the cold Yorkshire Dales any day of the week!

After this more food meeting Denise, Anjie, Becs and later Chris at Antonio Carluccio restaurant in St Pancreas Station for some more carb loading – no booze but good food. Early to bed but couldn’t sleep – tick tock tick tock until 5 o’clock came and I had to get up.


Wasn’t nervous – got up went down for breakfast and unlike London 2014 had a good breakfast of porridge, toast with jam and coffee – said good morning to all the other runners that were there at 5.30am and started taking on water. Felt relaxed.

Waited for Julie to arrive so that we could go to the start together but by this time it had started to warm up – we had a long way to walk first to the packed tube and then to the DLR where we waited like lemons. I first started to feel sick then as the heat started getting to me.

Getting off at Greenwich we had a further long walk – all uphill – why does my memory discard this of the last time – to hand our bags in. I thought a banana might help while we waited in the ever so long toilet queue – not wanting to try the female urinals!

Cap was planted firmly on head, suntan lotion sprayed and bottle of water which I was sipping slowly. As I was in the last wave I knew we were going to be a long time out there.

Julie and I had a plan 60/60 of run walking – didn’t know how I was going to cope running with someone (other than 40’0000+) or in the heat. But I was going to give it a go but from the off it wasn’t good, the sickness was still there and I couldn’t regulate my breathing. It seemed ages before I got to the first mile – guilt is what I thought of holding Julie back – so wanting to walk instead of run. My face felt as though it was on fire and my head wanted to pop.


Passed two miles and onto the 3rd and Julie had started running again and I just stopped – a young lad came rushing over with a bottle of water and a woman with a towel soaked in water and in what didn’t seem long a medic on a motorbike. While my temperature and blood sugars were OK my heart at resting was way above what it should have been and I was advised not to go any further.

Stubbornness would have made me go on – but I know it would have been to the detriment to my own health if I had carried on – sometimes you just know. I was to to get on the medical bus where I was wrapped in a foil blanket and later a coat as I couldn’t then get warm – from one extreme to another.

I wasn’t the first on the bus and as I was following the whole route picking up the injured to the finish I was no means the last – in fact there were two coaches both full. There were all sorts of illnesses but a lot of heat related ones and while I was just feeling sick a lot who had been out on the course longer were throwing up.

It was a peculiar journey as we passed people struggling at the back, people we now know who had NO water from mile 8 in temperatures above 24c and in some places with the buildings closing in I have been told the tarmac went sticky and reaching 30c!

The crowds were out in force, maybe if it had been colder it would have only been the ardent followers and not the ones who feel that with their loose lips that they can say anything to people who have trained months in all weathers – regardless of age, size to raise thousands for charity but with their few chosen words brings all that hard word crashing down. We were stopped near mile 23 and a group of lads chanted “Cheaters, Cheaters! – after the proverbial V sign I broke down in tears. At that time I would have gladly turned the clock back and never have got in the sweeper bus.

We got to the end at 6.30pm and I was met by two of my brilliant friends Elaine and Aileen who had come to support, one from Dorset and the other a surprise from the North East. Friends I wouldn’t be able to have made it though without them and they both were great shoulders to cry on.  We went then to see Julie finish – bitter sweet as I so wanted to be part of her journey and party at the back but so pleased that she had stuck it out and was not alone.

Today Tuesday

Mentally I feel better today, looking back I wasn’t the only one not to finish at the hottest London Marathon on record. One person a healthy 29 year old Matt Campbell who did Manchester Marathon 2 weeks earlier in under 3 hours collapsed and died at 22.5 mile mark. Such a tragic end to what started a promising day for a great runner. The lucky ones are those that weren’t affected.

I am and have been eternally grateful for those that have got me so far – helping me to put in a whopping £2038 of the £3977.70 we have raised on the RunforLucyLondon2018 Virgin Giving page. All the events the successful ones the ones that weren’t so – I couldn’t have done have done it without each and every one of you.

The Charity is the one that wins in the end and they are AMAZING. Will continue with my sweet stall at work for funds for the Great North Run in September. Now is time for ME – RECOVERY – Get my feet sorted – doctors think today I have a trapped nerve so no exercise (music to my ears)

Thank you for reading – if you got to the end – it will be my last for a while



Tick tock tick tock….

owl Those nights when nothing is going to let you sleep -you toss and turn, see every hour and in the end get up make a cup of tea and do something productive.

Just over a week until the marathon has my head whiring about EVERYTHING! Not just can I do it because I know at the end of the day even if its painful which I am sure it will be I am mentally capable of doing it.

I am now worrying about going into the BIG CITY – I have travelled the world and lived in different parts when I was younger with no problem but now older I tend to limit myself to the places I know and even a trip to Leeds fills me with dread knowing that I will get lost even in a shopping centre!

I no longer see it as a big adventure but as things that can go wrong and the logistics of getting from A to B in a crowded and unfamiliar place has already started pulses racing. Needless to say I am taking extra money for Black Cabs! Doesn’t help that there is going to be a 4 day strike on the DLR line which will cause chaos to anyone coming to the marathon.

So tonight – or rather this morning is a night of lists – what to take with me and what to leave out – the new leggings I bought from Tikaboo with the CWC Mr Men logo are ones I will be leaving at home after 5 uncomfortable hours in them on Monday – back to my old faithfuls.

After a winter of snow, ice and rain it looks like we are on for a heatwave for the 22nd so the sunscreen will have to be in and also sunglasses – can’t say that I am happy as the hot weather plays havoc with my arm and the swelling and I will be like an overstuffed sausage in my arm sleeve that I have to wear – sexy or what!

Did yet another fundraiser on Monday thanks to Dean Majors Community Champion at Tesco’s in Skipton and raised another £122 to put in the pot and with the sweet stall money could transfer £210 altogether into the Virginmoneygiving page.


Once again I would like to thank everyone that has supported me, this charity is one of the best I have raised money for, keeping us up to date on a weekly basis, asking how training is going and how WE are feeling and not bullying us about how much we have raised like some other charities. This makes you want to do more – and I will.

If you don’t know the reason for me running its a little girl called Lucy who was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour at 6 months old, she has endured many operations and procedures and when I was having my treatment in 2015/16 I would get the most amazing selfies from Lucy to wish me luck for my treatment. It seemed that we were going into battle together and she got me through with her beautiful smile. Now nearly 7 it is still an on-going round of check-ups but Lucy is still smiling.

lucy 23

For Lucy and all children like her please support Children with Cancer UK



The Countdown is on….

Is it normal to cry at anything – not just the  pain? With only 3 weeks – yes – 3 WEEKS! I keep-calm-three-weeks-to-go-2  am feeling very anxious. Worried that my foot won’t be healed enough to complete the 26.2 miles, that other people I know are doing better and going further and more importantly that I will let the people who have supported me down.

But I still put in the hours in the gym – training on the bike and cross trainer when the treadmill is too much. Can’t say I want to brave the weather either but I get in some more leg miles with the boys – not that they are speedy ones – Milo I have to drag round especially when its raining!

But at the end of the day it will be what I do on the day that matters – I will have a great team behind me Children with Cancer and Anjie, Denise and Julie who hopefully will steady those nerves.

Don’t forget if you are near the Tesco store in Skipton on Monday 9th April (next week) I will be collecting money in full running kit. If I can find someone to lend me a static bike which I can get in my little C1 then I will use that to do my training and raise money.

tesco    That has got to be worth a few extra pounds!!

For the next 3 weeks I have to keep on plodding on – not do too much just in case I get injured and keep away from anyone that has any bugs or lurgies – last thing I need at this stage is a cold!

If anyone wants to give any pennies go to

If you want to know why I wanted to be part of such of fantastic team look at this video for London Marathon 2017


thank you to all that have supported me in my journey


*****Started this one on Sunday….now it’s Friday*****

pain2 The only time I don’t have pain is when I sleep – maybe that’s why I like to stay in bed……

My Mum has asked me on more than one occasion why I am taking part in the London Marathon and today on my long run I asked myself the same question.

Today I had an 11 mile run which I was breaking down into 1 mile loops of the house – I know this because I have recorded it with the dogs on their numerous walks. Its relatively flat, on the path and I only have to cross a couple of roads.

My feet weren’t feeling the love and neither was I the second lap in and even though the sun was shining I sat on a bench and shed a few tears – wondered how they were going to manage another 24 in 6 weeks time never mind the 9 miles I had to pull out of the bag today.

But some great encouragement from my CWC friends on Facebook meant I got up off the seat and started plodding on.


UNTIL I got to the 6th lap and I crossed the road near our house and a car pipped, I turned round to see my two naughty Lhasa Apso dogs chasing after me – they had been with Mum in the garden but wanted to be with me more!

By the time I got them back in the house (and sat down) I decided to give up  – then thought I would just go and give it another couple of miles which I did. Just over 8 miles although I reckon more as the Garmin said 1 mile for the first last but less for the second and even less for the 3rd which I reckon is something to do with the auto pause. At the end of the day I checked my mileage and it was around 10 miles so was happy with that.

******Now its Friday***** its been a whirlwind of work, dog walking, Pilates and trying to keep the mileage going in my legs whether walking or running.  A weather warning for snow has been given again so I have signed up for the gym behind my house to use the treadmill – this week 13 miles  – now if I have to do it in stages on the treadmill I will.

I am feeling more positive about the Marathon this time – having friends to share it with is such a fantastic thing and so far not being injured (only hurting) – just need to keep it that way unlike last time. So in the next 5 weeks not going to go overboard.

5 weeks

Next week is 15 miles and APRIL 1st will be my longest run with 18 and its tapering from then – short runs and plenty of carbs!

Then I can get my life back before the training starts again for the Great North Run in September…..

Thank you for all that those that have donated so far and for those that want to know


We are pleased to report our income for the past financial year was £16.5 million. We receive no government funding and rely exclusively on the voluntary generosity of our supporters. Thank you for your support.

For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we raise over £5 more.

For every £1 donated, we spend 82p on fighting childhood cancer.

  •  47p on research projects
  •  14p on welfare projects
  •  21p on raising awareness
  •  We invest 18p in £1 to raise more money

A couple of weeks ago our CWC Team for London 2018 had raised 1/2 million pounds with money still coming in. I am so proud to be part of such a great team doing such fantastic work.



What’s with all this exercise?

I don’t think I have ever done this much EVER!

How-to-Exercise (1)  The body is a little bit in shock, it doesn’t know when its going to end and I haven’t yet received those endorphin’s that give you that “runners high”

This week I booked off as holiday – originally to go to France – but change of plans meant this week is a mega training week. Sunday saw me go to Morecambe (on the coast) and do my long run there.

I have been having a confidence issue – wondering whether I could do the training and on the day the mileage – everyone I know seems to be running longer and faster and while I am sticking to plan I hurt with every step.

So I sat in the car park after an hours drive to get there just wanting to go home, why put my body through this on such a lovely day. Look at all the proper runners and here am I am fake. But you know what maybe I am slow and I don’t look as graceful as the two ladies I saw with their blonde ponytails bobbing while they actually talked to each other – but they haven’t been through what I have and I am not the person I was 2 years ago. I have to stop beating myself up. So 6.65 miles were completed and 2 dog runs as well.

Today I went swimming in our local pool – the one they want to close and the community do its best to keep open. It cost me £1.40 as I did a half price hour (stayed for half) and had a whole lane to myself.  Decided to go back again later in the week.


And tonight I had a go at Pilates (again) – its been so long since I was taught by the wonderful Harriet Angell in Marlow at a running and Pilates weekend and made such special and long lasting friends. Unfortunately I never kept it up even knowing that it helps my core, flexibility (of which I have none)

So tonight I signed up with Mandy at Pulse Personal Training & Fitness Studio in Settle. OMG how creaky and achy did I feel – I know there is a core in there somewhere but where? And when Mandy came to give my legs an extra stretch – oooooooo I could definitely feel it.

pilatesSo this week is more of the same, I have a long run on Friday of 11 miles as Sunday is Charity fundraising day at Tesco.  Hoping that the Beast from the East – the storm which is forecast from tonight to dump a lot of snow doesn’t disrupt a lot of my plans.


Anyone that wants to donate or grab one of the 6 Memory Mile Ribbons that are left NUMBERS 2,3,8,9,12 AND 16 our page is






Its all getting so real…..

london marathonWith just 9 weeks to go before Virgin London Marathon 2018 begins on April 22nd I have been upping the training.  Although trying to resemble Jane Torville when walking the dogs and falling on ice didn’t help things mid-week.

Still I managed to get the miles on the cross-trainer which didn’t put pressure on my knee, some treadmill work and also the static bike.  I don’t think I will be the fastest but according to my ASICS plan on my long run today I am on plan with my time.

Wish I could plan my long runs where there are no hills or windy country lanes – nearly was totalled by a couple of 4×4’s coming too fast round bends. Think I will have to find an alternative route.

It could have all been so different as 1.5 mile in I could hardly walk with pain in my right calf – phoned my wonderful Mum who brought replacement trainers (with orthotics) and off I hobbled. Three or so miles in and everything stopped hurting but I wasn’t going at such a fast pace – I can actually walk faster than I

While it was cold today it was dry and I tried to enjoy the time I was out but what I don’t know is how come when I turn round at 4 miles its only 3 miles back? Where do I miss a mile? Meant I had to do a detour to make up the mileage on my Garmin?

But long run is over for this week and next week it drops for my body (and feet) to recover – still a long run but only a  6.5 mile.

March 4th sees me in Tesco’s Skipton for my next fundraiser so anyone passing drop in – can’t get a treadmill so going to be isle walking with a bucket in my Children with Cancer UK vest asking for donations – 4 hours of that I should get some mileage in.

Anyone wanting to sponsor me can do so by going on to

To be honest I was slightly mad when I agreed to do this again but I am hoping that with the support of Anjie and Denise I will make it round in a much more respectable time and not injured this time. At the back of my mind is always Lucy and children like her. Thank you for all that have donated so far.




The joys of running…

After last week with all the ups and downs of having to cancel the Charity event and giving refunds (some kind friends donated their money to the charity) I could have just given up on training BUT unlike the normal me I stuck to my plan.

I did one run with the beautiful Skyke – I can’t do more at the moment as she causes my foot to swell to much as I bang it trying to keep myself from falling over, I did another on my own but it was very very icy and this time I ended up with a painful foot again – I was more like Bambi on ice than anything elegant.

run1 So Saturday I rested it and Sunday took to the treadmill and opted for 8.5 miles of boredom rather than stress my foot any further. Three miles in though I wasn’t expecting such an early case of chafing – wrong underwear or a very warm gym? Either way I had 5.5 miles to go and it wasn’t going to be comfortable?

I had Christine Aguilara on my phone belting out some tunes and kept counting down the half miles – UNTIL the bloody machine STOPPED with 1.5 miles to go. I didn’t want to start again, my legs didn’t want to start again – but I did but it was the longest time ever.

Finishing was a relief but to get my longest run to date finished was a joy. This week my plan shows me pull back this week but try to get a little speedier (fat chance)

Even though I haven’t got the event on the Raffle is still being drawn on Saturday HALF the money to the winner HALF to the charity, already in the pot £220. If anyone wants to buy tickets they are £2 a strip. Please PM me for bank details.


This weekend is going to be a little quieter – no event but I am going to do Park run in Skipton with Elaine Chandler and then give her a guided tour of Yorkshire – training of course still goes on.


Just one of those weeks……

When nothing seeems to go right.

And you need the rewind button.

Preferably to 2017.

So where do I start – because all of them seemed major and caused me so much worry but the first one is the person I care about more than anyone and thats my Mum. She picked up my flu bug and I have never seen her so poorly. At 81 she doesn’t bounce back like a younger person and I could see her wasting her way before my eyes.

Stubborn person that she is she won’t see anyone hoping that it would just go away but the she is still a poorly lady and a major worry.

The Charity Event on February 10th was always a cause for concern with numbers dwindling  and quite a number of cancellations all at once – unavoidable but didn’t help when it seemed my minimum amount wasn’t going to be reached.



BUT I pulled out all the stops, had Tesco’s promoting it as well as Slimming World,  emails at work and had even got a spot on the local radio station – I was positive that I would do everything in my power for it to go ahead.

Then the Radio Station pulled out asking could I do an alternative date which I couldn’t and I knew it was now too late to get anymore people and I made the decision to cancel the event.  While the charity will not lose out as any costs I will forfit personally I have offered everyone refunds.

Some of my friends who were coming from afar are still going to make a weekend of it and I am going to stay at the hotel and do the Park run with Elaine Chandler. Then I think cake and Rhubarb gin will be the order of the day.

The raffle which was going to be drawn on the night is still going to be held and I am going to be selling tickets next week – half the money goes to charity and half goes to the person who wins and we have also some boxes of chocolates and some wine which have been donated. Tickets £2 a strip.

Even though I have had a bad week I still did my training runs and while its been hard to keep motivated I went to the gym a couple of times and then outdoors once with Skye – she loves it a whole lot more than me.

Today the weather was horrible so windy, wet and cold, I took the dogs out first then set out for my planned 6 miler – 2 mile in a motorist splashed me from head to foot, boy did I want to turn round – running was hard when at times it was only possible to put your head down and power walk. HEART radio got me through and by the time I got home my Garmin showed I was just short of 6 but walking up and down the driveway I couldn’t get to it – needed painkillers!

HeartLogoBut I made up for it later with another dog walk making around 9 miles in total – its all about time on feet and I feel I have done that.

Next week I have more of the same 4 training runs – I am hoping that I keep up with the losses I have been having with Slimming World, last week I lost 6lbs, week previous 1.5lbs the less I weigh the easier it will be on my knees and back.

Had been contenplating whether not to run London with everything going on but I reckon I am not a quitter and even if its hard it can’t be as hard as what I went through in 2015/16.

Rewind please….

positive We are only a week into 2018 and things are not looking so hot. Just before New Year I got the good news that my biopsy results came back clear and other than a few more tests I was looking forward to the start of the year.

But 3 days in which saw me back at Slimming World and also doing a short run then saw Milo one of my Lhasa Apso’s rushed to the emergency vet suffering with renal failure. He was such a poorly boy, x-rays, a specialist came in and he was hooked up to a drip as he wasn’t eating or drinking.

Of course everything went by the wayside – diet and running and all that mattered was the health of my boy and also Casey who was now pining with no brother beside him. By Saturday of last week the vet called and said that he could come home on weekend leave as he was depressed and by yesterday we thought we had turned a corner.

Today I had a 6 mile run planned – I desperatley need to get everthing sorted for the Charity Event which is now so close and Milo had a check up at the vets. But what I wasn’t counting on was Casey waking me up at 4am and finding Milo coming out of a bad fit.

Once he was a bit more settled I brought the duvet downstairs and had a few hours – but all the things I wanted to do have been put back. Soooooo tierd and another 6 days to work this week. Hoping I might get a trip to the gym in this afternoon.

Back with to the hospital on the 22nd with Andrew and find out if he needs an op – really hoping January is the only bad month and that it gets better from there.

FEBRUARY – needs to be better as on the 10th the party starts. Please get in touch if you want tickets I can take payment up to 20th January. Please lets make it a great night.

poster 1



Another Christmas over……

And now the fun begins!

Haven’t blogged for a while, things haven’t been conducive to marathon training with medical appointments for both me and my brother and news that he has a growth in his pituitary gland which could mean an operation at worst medication at best.

So while I have still been taking the wonderful Skye out 3 times a week its been for walks rather than runs – although last week we did get one run in – and then hopefully I can krank it up when my biospy results come in and I am feeling 100%

Not running or focusing on my diet has lead to a bit of spread, not being abl to get to get to my regular Slimming World class hasn’t helped but being heavy won’t help my marathon training one bit.

diet So the last of the cake, crisps and Baileys and gin will be no more and I have already made a batch of vegetable soup for lunch tomorrow. Think this is going to be hard – well not easy anyway.

Not as if I have any more time off work, two days maximum and then back until we get New Day off – the joy of working in Sales.

The only thing to update you on is fundraising £130.20 for the car boot and £189.60 plus another £29 for pre orders of hot chocolate reindeers which were made. Had to stop the tuck shop at work as even though it was for charity and done on an honesty system the money was never quite correct. But when it was £3 down one week (bearing in mind I paid out for eveerything so all profit could go to CWC) I decided this was not the moneymaker for me.

So the next one is the Ball – less than TWO months and luckily we have still people interested but need to get more bums on seats – don’t want to have to cancel either. So spread the word guys February 10th PARTY TIME!


Keep your dresses out ready OR excuse to buy a new one – guys you can buy a new tie! Have decided after EVERYONE has been asking to do proper raffle (but not a big one) so hopfully the people that donated prizes last time will give generously again.

For tickets email me on text 07443229215 or PM me on Facebook

Molly poster

details of Ball above